What’s it Like to Date a Millionaire Unicorn?

Dating a millionaire unicorn is all sunshine and rainbows, isn’t it? At least, that’s what our judgmental minds coax us into believing. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but their assumptions aren’t entirely grounded in truth. While there are obvious advantages to dating a rich unicorn, there are enough disadvantages to even the scales, or […]

The Difference Between Threesome And Bisexual Dating

If you regularly look for unicorns on the threesome website, you will often encounter bisexuals. It seems that threesome or unicorn dating is a privilege of bisexual. Flirt Unicorn has 45% of bisexual or bi curious members. This means that you can build your bisexual relationship and find partners on threesome website. However, there are […]

Which Is More Pleasurable Between MMF and MFF

Threesomes aren’t, to the grave disappointment of some liberals, a discovery of the twenty first century. Their existence can be traced back to the Romans and the Greeks. In their precocious art and literature, threesomes are portrayed with artistic magnificence. However, in contemporary times, the stigma surrounding threesomes is melting. Despite this groundbreaking leap, there […]

Will a Threesome Ruin your relationship

None of us are strangers to the pitfalls that await us as a consequence of a threesome. There’s a lot to consider, from jealous overreactions to personal guilt and resentment. In sex, it’s sometimes wholly impossible to stop collective emotions from breaching the sanctity of the “no strings attached” realm. However, certain things can prevent […]