Dating a millionaire unicorn is all sunshine and rainbows, isn’t it? At least, that’s what our judgmental minds coax us into believing. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but their assumptions aren’t entirely grounded in truth. While there are obvious advantages to dating a rich unicorn, there are enough disadvantages to even the scales, or at times, even tip them in the wrong direction. This is coming from someone who’s had hands-on experience with rich people and his lavish lifestyle.

Here’s what I’ve gathered in my five-year-long relationships with a man who was born and bred in a golden spoon.

It feels as if you’re in Hollywood

Yes, it feels like you’re actually in a movie, and everything around you is like a set from the Jazz Age of the 20s. Well, even better, with the cars and the technology we have today. And the best part: price holds no intrinsic value – everything is well within your financial reach. See a price tag? Throw it away. Out it goes. And not just clothes. Practically, all your financial worries – the taxes, the eye-opening bills – cease to exist.

There’s barely any time for Bonding

But there’s always a catch. Being a millionaire is a day and night job. Even if you’re born in a golden spoon, you grow up to develop an obsession to keep that spoon gilded with its golden exterior. You’re always worried “what if it slightly loses its color and people think it’s fake”. This kind of hypochondria always keeps a millionaire preoccupied. And you barely get to see him or spend quality time – whenever he IS there, he’s mentally elsewhere.

There’s limited to non-Existent Intimacy

Things take a turn for the worse when you marry a millionaire. I’m not saying all millionaires are the same. But with some, it’s as if you don’t even share intimacy at any level, let alone a gridlocked marriage. The only time you see him is during social dinners, and they too are set up as if they’re an appointment with the dentist. In the end, all this forces you to find a new social circle, so that you can bicker about your non-existent sex life.

There is, however, a lot of Creative Freedom and Financial Help

However, despite these straining circumstances, you do have a lot of freedom to grow exponentially.

Whether you’re a businesswoman or an emerging female novelist, you don’t have to worry about groceries or bills. There’s enough time to stir your creative juices to solve the global economic crises. And if you’re actually into any business of some sort, your partner – the established businessman – can aid you with his connections and financial help.

So, what are your views? Dating a millionaire unicorn isn’t a walk in the park. However, for some, the deal is just perfect. If you’re someone who’s okay with giving your boyfriend or husband the time and freedom to cater to his affairs, then there’s no harm whatsoever. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for both of you. Trust me, if you’re worried about love, then there’s one thing I can say for sure: when love does arrive, nothing takes precedence over it – not the money, not the gold-digging façade.

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