Threesomes aren’t, to the grave disappointment of some liberals, a discovery of the twenty first century. Their existence can be traced back to the Romans and the Greeks. In their precocious art and literature, threesomes are portrayed with artistic magnificence.

However, in contemporary times, the stigma surrounding threesomes is melting. Despite this groundbreaking leap, there is no denying – the notion of threesomes is rife with misconceptions.

Especially, when it comes to two distinct types of threesomes – male-male-female and male-female-female- there are too many unanswered questions.

Well, this article will set out to answer some of these questions.

So, which is better? MMF and MFF

For Men, MMFs take the cake

Well, this depends mainly on your sexual orientation. However, if you’re looking for an empirical approximation, then research states that young men lean towards MMF threesomes, and regard them as perfectly normal.

The reason?

Well, because for men, finding a male partner is a lot easier than a female unicorn partner. Many researches have shown that MMF are the predominant choice. However, this preference can’t just be attributed to the ease with which one can find a consenting partner. There are many other underlying dynamics.

For one, the internet and the emergent acceptance of homosexuality are playing a pivotal role in making MMFs commonplace. More and more men are starting to feel secure about their masculinity. They no longer regard “being naked” with the same sex, an assault on their masculine divinity.

However, then again, this is just empirical evidence, and doesn’t represent each and every person. So, even if you find MMFs a bit uncomfortable, there’s nothing wrong in trying out MFFs first. See how things pan out.

For Women, MMFs offer more protection, and MFFs come with considerations

Some people often make parallels that MMFs, especially for unicorn women, are degrading and commensurate with the violent themes often portrayed in porn. However, this is a grave misconception.

Most unicorn women who’ve participated in an MMF have felt more secure than in an MFF.

For instance, I interviewed a woman who initiated a spontaneous threesome with one of her friends and her partner, and it instantly blew in her face. Instead of focusing on her, her husband’s attention was geared at her friend. And after the threesome, he slept with her friend, in her absence.

So for unicorns, MMF come with a lot of considerations. There’s a lot of homework, a lot of boundary setting, which needs to be done, before they can be realized.


Whatever choice you make, MMF or MFF, don’t fall prey to the self-righteous labelling of the society that regards threesome as unholy, deviant, and even decadent and hedonistic. There’s no proof that threesomes ruin relationships. Instead, many surveys shows that threesomes are harmless if done with mutual assurance and agreement.

Bottom –line: the choice of MFFs and MFFs depends on three factors:

  • 1. your sexual preference
  • 2: emotional mindset and sexual boundaries.

If these three factors are properly considered, there’s no reason a threesome is bound to go smooth like a melting marshmallow on a hot belly.

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